Annual Events

Throughout the school year, Escuela del Ave Fenix celebrates the traditional holidays in Mexico and has created a few of its own unique ceremonies honoring the advance of learning and changes of season. 


End of the cycle Presentation

This closing of the cycle is an important ceremony for Escuela del Ave Fenix. The students, teachers, parents and staff work together to achieve a festive event full of color. It is a moment of celebration for completing one more school year.


revolution day

Revolution Day is celebrated every year on the third Monday of November.  This holiday commemorates the Revolution which started in 1910 and lasted into 1920. Escuela del Ave Fenix participates in San Pancho’s annual parade, dressed as revolutionaries and marching from the entrance of town to the Plaza del Sol for the town’s civic celebration. 


good wishes ceremony

Our beautiful ceremony of Good Wishes where we plant a tree with the wishes of all our children for the world. It is our original way to celebrate the holiday season, full of these dates of parties and family reunion, and invite with this good energy into the new year.


Fiesta de Farol

It is a party that reveres kindness and compassion, invites us to light a light in our hearts, that light that will accompany us, give warmth and serve as a guide in the darkness that this time of year begins to take us. Let our lanterns shine!


dia de los muertos

The vibrant Mexican holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to remember friends and family members who have died. The classes create alters and everyone is encouraged to dress as traditional festive skeletons and Katrinas.