lower elementary

The place where children begin to find their own place in the world around them


It is an environment prepared for children from 6 to 9 years old. In Lower Elementary, we focus on the integral development of the child, in which we can deploy all the capacities according to each age. We respect the differences and abilities of each child so that he can unfold his potentialities.

We believe that art is a pillar in the education of human beings and we offer classes in music, painting, textiles and more. Children also learn from nature and our school allows them to coexist in harmony with it. Children participate in the garden and other activities outside the classroom. In addition to their Spanish language based education, the students participate in English classes which incorporate stories and songs to strenghten their English language. The education is centered around the Montessori pedagogy and emphasizes sensory and experimental teaching practices. We also incorporate principles of Waldorf education.

Children learn to live cooperatively in an environment of cultural diversity in which respect for all is fostered.

Children learn to face challenges with confidence. They thrive in a their community with highly trained teachers and materials that invite exploration and research.