Escuela del Ave Fenix is home to three distinctly different multi-aged classrooms for children pre-school aged through upper elementary. Each classroom is a stimulating environment with materials that invite exploration and research. Children learn to face challenges with confidence, and begin to find their own place in the world around them.

Casa de niños

Children ages 3-6 live in a world of wonder and the most effective method of learning is through imaginative play. In Casa de Niño’s the children's days are filled with both structured and unstructured activities that stimulate and exercise their powers of imagination.

Lower elementary

The curriculum is taught from large scope to small, moving from big-picture understanding to a focus on details. The children of lower elementary, ages 7-9, continue to work with concrete materials to explore academic areas, quickly discovering abstract methods to utilize.

upper elementary

Equipped with their imagination and a desire to understand how things work, children aged 10-12 are now challenged with advanced ideas in literature, history, science, mathematics, and language. Curriculum for this classroom guides children into an age of abstraction and reason.