Short Term


seasonal short term

Our seasonal short term program is designed for families who come for a season. The children are integrated with the groups of students that attend the entire school year.

This short term program is open to all classes; Casa de Niño (3 to 5 years old). Lower Elementary (6, 7, 8 years) and Upper Elementary (9, 10 and 11 years) We work with materials, presentations and structure Multigrade Montessori. We are also integrating the best of Waldorf pedagogy.

Please contact us for more information.

spanish immersion

Our Spanish Immersion program is for families that come to our community for a short time. Students from all countries are welcome. Children are integrated into the age appropriate classroom. It is a bilingual environment, with children of different cultures, who learn by playing and participating in different activities such as gardening, cooking, hiking, games, stories, painting, music and more.

This program is offered on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Please contact us for pricing information.

Our community includes children from all over the world, who live in harmony and learn from each other’s cultural diversity.
— EDM director Ursula Rodolfo