Ursula Rodulfo - director

Bachelor in psychology at the University of Buenos Aires. All my life I have been interested in the knowledge of the human being. And I believe that education begins with oneself, in self-knowledge, which is an endless practice. I have worked with children since I was very young. They do not teach you to stay present, we do not forget the essential things of life.



Angie - school secretary

Hello! I'm Angie! I have been in school for 4 years, my path in education started by chance and has become one of the motives of my life. Working with children cures, motivates and teaches. I could not be more grateful.


barbara - teacher, garden and animals

I was born in Cádiz, Spain. I studied Magisterium in Granada and Social and Cultural Anthropology. I arrived in Mexico to finish my studies. I have been a Upper Elementary teacher since 2014. I like animals and nature. Also art, history and science. Also the cinema and reading. I teach the garden and physical education workshop.

Foto Ana.jpg

Ana - teacher, lower elementary

I was born in Mexico City, I have a degree in Pedagogy from the UNAM and I believe in active pedagogical currents because in them, respect for the processes of each individual is very important.
I have work experience in several pedagogical fields such as: teaching, school administration and design of curricula and curricula.
I am a dynamic, cheerful and proactive woman, I enjoy knitting, walking, reading and spending time with my family. I like to know, investigate and deepen educational, historical and cultural issues. I studied English and Italian and I am interested in continuing to learn languages.


Azlanda - teacher, casa de niños

My name is Azlanda Fragoso Bishop. My vocation is to share and accompany children in their development. I have worked 18 years with children, I like to teach through music, painting and body expression. My goal is to instill care and love for themselves, for others and for nature.


andrea - english teacher

My name is Andrea. I grew up in Mexico City with a bicultural education. I have worked with children giving art workshops and teaching language classes. I think the best way to learn a foreign language is through cultural immersion.


karIn - english teacher

I was born in Toronto, Canada to Colombian and Armenian parents. I speak four languages. 

Children are receptive in nature. Curious and in awe, they meet the world with open arms. They need adults who are authentic and loving; clear and patient. We want to nurture their imagination and instil a healthy rhythm of learning and being in the world. 

Teaching a foreign language to young children invites them to be open to a different culture and sensitive to other people’s way of experiencing reality.


xochitl - teacher’s assistant, taller 1

Motivate, inspire, transform. Because the student can forget what you said, but never the person who was with them.

Education is a thing of the heart. We came to learn, share, play more and give love. I have taught many things, but I still have more to learn.

Thanks to my little students.


sindi - teacher’s assistant, casa de Niños

Hello, my name is Sindi. I’ve worked here since January 2015. In 2017, I took a break to have my baby Matias. I came back to work that fall. I love my job and the company of all the children. I dedicate a lot of love and affection for them every day.


jeffery - math teacher

I've been a volunteer math teacher at the school for 8 years. Before that, I taught English as a second language in Sayulita and San Pancho for another 8 to 10 years. I taught in the US for 5 years when I was younger. I was born in the US but have traveled extensively. I have lived in Mexico since 1992. It is an honor for me to participate in Escuela del Ave Fénix.


juan - music teacher

I have been a music teacher for 6 years. I like to learn from children. I like jazz and rock. I love painting and I love walking in nature.